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Monday, February 1, 2010

new cross

Taking a break from the hearts today.

I finished a new cross last week. I had it in a state of 'what do I do now?' for a while. I had put a cup handle and a bowl handle on the cross with the intention of being able to drape purple fabric over it for lent. However, when I finished the grouting and painting, I didn't like those handles just being there. I tried several different things that just didn't seem to work, when I ran across a beaded necklace that I had done. Tried the necklace and just loved it!! It is permanent, which was not the original idea. But, I like it and think that it adds a lot to the cross.

This cross has a wooden base. The tesserae are from old dishes. The yellow, green and coral color are from damaged, old Fiesta dishes. The pretty blue pieces are from Harlequin dishes. The white and lavender are just from vintage dishware and vases. The focal is from a beautiful old plate. The flowers that were added were from a damaged covered bowl. The base has been painted blue to match the blue tesserae. The beaded necklace is made from glass and plastic beads. The beading isnt showing true to its color on this monitor, so it probably isnt on other moniters, but it is a pretty purple and lavender that matches the colors in the focal.

This cross can be purchased at: Jack Rabbit Flats

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