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Monday, January 25, 2010

challenge results

The weather has prevented me from working as much as I like, but I have managed to get a few hearts done.

I made a heart pocket from the Purina sign. I cut it with tin snips, which is a little difficult as the tin is pretty thick. I bent the hearts a bit and drilled holes in the sides. The wire is flexible, but is still a little hard to work with. It was laced around the sides and a rusted baling wire was used to make a hanging wire. The red is still fairly good on the sign, but the white has just about all rusted away. There is green on the other side of the sign. The two sides of the pocket are the red and rusted white and the green is on the inside.

Another hanging heart that I made is a green heart made from the rusted Folgers coffee tin. I cut smaller hearts out of tin siding and layered them on the green heart. Rusted baling wire is again used for the hanger.

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