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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Larry makes my day

This happened to me Tues. afternoon, Feb. 9, 2010.  I'm a little late on posting it, but thought that I would share it with everyone!!

I have 3 lacy dogs.  Lucy is my 4 1/2 year old female, Larry, my 2 year old male and Abraham, Roy's 1 3/4 year old male.  This story is all about my sweet, loveable, Larry. 

I usually take a nap around 2:00 in the afternoon. I was lying on the couch and Lucy was intently staring at something out the door. I look outside and see Larry off in the distance rolling in something. I, of course, know that it is either something dead or cow poop. Since it has been a while since the cows have been in that pasture, I have to assume that it is something dead.

The funny thing about that is that off in the trees, I can see a deer trying to figure out what the dickens Larry is doing!! Larry is having such a good time that he doesnt even realize that the deer is right there!!

Larry gets to smelling good enough and comes across the field and soon comes in the doggie door. Skunk smell had NOTHING on him!! The critter must have been dead just long enough to get good and slimy. He has slime all over him! Instead of getting my wonderful, refreshing nap, I have to bathe Larry.

I turn on the heater in the bathroom and start drawing warm water for him. I prefer to bathe the dogs outside, but even tho the sun is shining today, it is too cold to bathe him outside. I get the slimy collar off and put it in the sink and am going to soak it while I bathe Larry. Larry is plenty for me to handle, but I get him into the bath tub. I am finally getting all of the suds off of him and I knock over the shampoo bottle. I look around to make sure that the shampoo is not running out, which it isnt. HOWEVER, when I put the collar in the sink, I left the water RUNNING!! My bathroom is standing in at least an inch of water!!

I have a sopping wet dog in the bathtub that I cant let go of. I have an electric heater running, standing in water. I guess the house is a little unlevel, the water is standing in one corner, but I'm not in water yet. I turn the bathtub water off, let go of Larry, telling him to 'STAY'. Of course, that works well!! I get the sink water turned off and realize that I have to unplug the heater, which by now, I am standing in water!! Now Larry is shaking like all dogs do when they are wet. I get brave and jerk the plug out of the heater and tell Larry to 'GET OUT'. He is more than happy to do that!!

So far I have filled up the first container of water in the carpet cleaner. Even after I get the water out of the carpet, I will still have to clean the tub, the walls, the cabinets, the tub, the sink and lastly, myself. THEN, I have to go remove the stinky, slimy whatever it is so that sweet Larry wont roll in it again!

Some nap!!


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