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Sunday, February 28, 2010

winter came back!!

We had spring like weather on Tues.  It was really pretty outside.  Then on Wednesday, it snowed!!  AGAIN!  It has snowed, with measurable amounts, three times this year!  I can never remember that happening!  One measurable snow is pretty neat, but three is just unreal!! 

The little tansy flowers that were blooming and attracting the bees got set back a bit.   The plants were not set back as much as I thought they would.  The leaves got frost bit some, but the flowers were not phased by the snow.  Amazing!!

Abraham, as well as the other dogs loved playing in the snow.  The were all digging and smelling in the snow.  I managed to catch Abe in a couple of pictures.  It is really hard to get pictures of the dogs in the snow because they are running here and there so fast.  

I love the way that snow looks on different vegetation.  I took a few pictures of different things with snow on them.

                                                        A yucca in the snow.
Grass in the snow.

Thistle in the snow.
The snow gives everything such a beautiful and different appearance.  I love it, but am glad that it doesn't snow around here very much!!

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