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Thursday, January 14, 2010

gray days

I have always disliked cloudy, gray days. I tend to have a bit of SAD, I think. This has been a cloudy and dreary day. Today I decided to see the beauty in dreary days.

The first thing that I should like about cloudy days is that sometimes they bring much needed rain. It hasn't rained today, but it is supposed to Fri. or Sat. Rain brings grass up for the cows and donkeys and I appreciate that! The picture of the windmill is pretty, I think, but it doesn't show what was really going on. This picture doesn't show the darkness of the rain clouds and the weather that was going on. I really wanted to show the dark clouds, but they show up more as a blue sky background. My blue lacy dogs enjoying the rain that came after the picture that I took of the windmill with the rain clouds in the background.

Today, as I was going to the mail box, the sun was peeking out of the clouds for just a bit. How beautiful it was, just causing the clouds to glow a bit. Wish I had the camera with me!

At first I thought that I would post something to brighten up the day. Then, I thought, that if I am going to like gray days, then I need to not worry about brightening them up! I have a few pictures that I think are just beautiful and just like the day, they are gray. Hope that you enjoy them.

A beautiful, old, gray tree stump.

An uprooted tree with the rocks still in them.

A pile of puppies that are called blue Lacys, but like greyhounds they are really gray. They are known as blue lacys or lacy dogs. They were bred in Texas back in the 1850s.

And, last but not least, a picture of an altered art cross that I did that is done in beautiful grays.

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