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Sunday, April 11, 2010

lovin' the spring flowers

I've been waiting for the bluebonnets to bloom for a couple of weeks now.   They are finally blooming!  They still have a ways to go before they are in full bloom, but they are still very pretty.  Roy and I went for a walk with the dogs yesterday.  There is a place where the bluebonnets were fairly thick and Lucy was standing in them.  When I tried to take a picture of her, she moved.  I still wanted the picture, so I took one of her posed.  In the mean time, Larry was in the back ground, sitting and staying, just like I was telling Lucy to do!  He's such a good dog!!
Lucy sitting pretty

Larry looking pretty in the bluebonnets

I took a few more pictures of the wild flowers today and yesterday.  These are some of my favorite wild flowers.
purple verbena


evening primrose

This week I will be posting the work of some fellow Etsy shop owners.  Please check back often and see who I have featured for the week.



  1. i love the dogs and the flowers. its hard to get a dog to pose for the camera.

  2. Oh Betty...they are the cutest and I love your wild flowers...I am learning you know... ;o)

  3. Just found your blog...been an admirer of your work for awhile now. Love the dogs! 44 years in marriage..that is awesome Betty.

    I'm a Texan too!

    My favorite cross of yours is the Franciscan Apple! Love it! Might have to snag that one for my cross wall.


  4. How cute, Betty! The flowers are so pretty and your dogs are very photogenic! Love the Suess like story, you have a gift for this too I think!