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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yellow Flowers of Spring

Whew, it's been too long since I posted on my blog!

The flowers of spring are finally really coming out and beginning to bloom.  I love this time of year!!!  The dogs and I go walking and they run around checking out all the smells and things they like to do and I look around and take pictures of the flowers.

The agarita has been blooming for a while now.  When the agarita is in full bloom, the air is so sweet with the scent of the flowers.  The flowers will eventually turn to berries that can be used to make jelly.  My sweet daddy loves agarita berry jelly.  The agarita is a multi-use plant.  The plant is one of the first to begin to bloom and produce pollen for the bees.  The wood and roots of the plant are a nice yellow and the roots were used by the American Indians for dye.  I don't know if the agarita is kin to holly or not, but the leaves of the plant are quite nasty and sticky.  It is evergreen and one year I decided to use it for Christmas greenery.  Big mistake!!  Too many sticky leaves on the stuff!!

The other plants are just pretty little flowers.  I know the name of all of them but one.  I thought that I knew the name of it, but found out that I didn't when I looked at my wild flower books.

The first picture is of a flowering plant that I have never seen around here before.  I am always excited when I find a flower that I have not seen before!!  This flowering plant is known as Fringed Puccoon.  Strange name!!
These little yellow flowers are small, but I really love them.  They are so pretty and perky looking.
They are called Jones Selenia.  When the flowers turn to seed, they create a little balloon like seed pod that will 'pop' when you squeeze it.

This flower is Corydalis or Scrambled Eggs.  The daisy like flower below is the one that I can't find the name of.  I have seen it many times and I know it is a common flower, just don't know what it is!

Hope that you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoy sharing them.


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