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Sunday, May 2, 2010

One flower, two flowers

A different take on Dr. Seuss's 'One Fish, Two Fish'.....

One flower:

Two flowers:

Red flower:

Blue flower:

Look, this one has a little star!

My, what a lot of flowers there are!!

You cannot beat the wild flowers in Texas in the spring!!  This has been a GREAT year for them.  I have taken pictures every where I have gone.  I just love them!

The bluebonnets here on the ranch have just been gorgeous!  My camera does not do them justice!



  1. What a clever and beautiful tribute to our glorious spring wildflowers. I have many of them blooming right now on my property.

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures! What a lovely site all those flowers are. :)
    - amanda

  3. very cute, not seeing the flowers on this trip that we saw last week

  4. What a beautiful post! And very clever....I agree with you 100% there is nothing so breathtaking as a field full of Texas wildflowers.