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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yesterday and today have been really pretty days.  The weather has been so pretty that I actually wanted to take the dogs for a walk.  On Monday the dogs were so excited and were running a ways in front of me.  So far ahead of me that they weren't really walking with me but the cows were.

There's Smudge, Double L, 8-ball, Pretty Girl and Patches.

 The donkeys were following along too.  Sissy is in front and Millie is behind.

The dogs finally caught up with me.

Lucy is the slowest of the dogs and is bringing up the rear.  Larry is next and Abe is in front.  Abe is a fast little stink and will run forever.  Yesterday they scared up a jackrabbit and chased that rabbit forever!  The rabbit finally darted through an algerita bush and escaped.

The grass is beginning to turn green and little flowers are beginning to appear.  I can't wait for the bluebonnets to start blooming.



  1. Thanks for sharing the great photos of your animals and open spaces.

  2. bluebonnets can not come soon enough!
    love the dogs :) my aussie is 16 and he will run like that for about 2 minutes and he just runs out of steam.