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Friday, March 19, 2010

flora and fauna

We have a little bird that is always around here.  It is so pretty and I just love to see it.  It is hard to get  very good pictures of it, it is so quick.  The bird is a vermilion flycatcher.  I had never seen one until we moved to Ft. McKavett.  The day that I took these pictures, it was real windy.  The little bird was trying to fly into the wind and was getting absolutely nowhere!  He finally changed directions and flew to rest in a tree.  My pictures of it are not very good, but I wanted to share them anyway.  The pictures were taken with the zoom all the way up on my camera and I lose a lot of clarity when I do that, but otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten the picture at all.
Here he is flying into the wind and getting no where, which is why I was able to get a picture of him!!  He's the small red colored spot in the middle of the picture!  If you click on the picture, it should enlarge so that you can at least see the color of him.

And, here he is sitting in the tree.  He is in the left of the picture.

My son, Donny brought his two kids, Jacqueline and Wyatt and their friend, Taylor out for spring break.  They camped in what we call the 'park'.  It is an area that we cleared of mesquite and prickly pear.  We have a couple of swings there.  We hope to someday build a tree house, but the grandkids are getting so big now, that it seems kinda late to do that now.  Here I am relaxing in the hammock while the kids are getting their campsite ready.
                                           white anemone
                                                     purple anemone            
                                           lichens on a fence post
The kids had a good time camping.   We cooked hamburgers at lunch and fajitas for dinner.  Taylor figured out on her own how to cook fajita meat over an open flame.  They were able to camp for a couple of nights, then the rain brought it to a halt.  They slept one night with a light rain, but then got a small leak in one of the tents. We decided that since it was supposed to rain harder the next night, that they should sleep here at the house.  They learned a lot and it was a good experience for all involved!

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